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Susan Abel-Beswick, I Paye Limited

We engaged the services of Lanteri Associates in January 2008 to assist us with the setup of our operations in Italy, and to provide on-going compliance to Italian Social, Taxation and Labour Laws.

With their assistance our registration was completely quickly, and once we started our supply, their ability to respond to our requirements quickly and efficiently, from a quick call to attending full client meetings, meant that Lanteri quickly became our platform for on-going expansion in Italy.

An example of this being when they were able to assist us with an Internal Audit requested by our Italian Client and carried out by Deloitte NL, the positive outcome of which meant we retained our place on their Preferred Supplier list. Ongoing support on a monthly basis from Lanteri Associates, plus ad hoc advice, has given us confidence that our operations in Italy are well maintained and for this, Lanteri is a highly valued and well recommended partner

What People Say

A brilliant full-service boutique providing high quality services.

byCambio Energy - Yaron David Feingers

A very efficient partner for your investments in Italy: its full integrated legal, tax and accounting expertise has been of great help to Us.

by CB Capital SA - Daniel Galhano Member of the Board of Directors

[...] Lanteri & Associati is a highly valued and well recommended partner

by Susan Abel - I Paye Ltd